ARCANUM (group show)
Roman Casus, Misha Gudwin, Mikhail Levius, Slava Nesterov, Kirill Mikhailin, Pavel Polshchikov, Ekaterina Sterlikova
“We regard them as human beings, though not from Adam, but other creatures, different from man and other animals, despite the fact that they are among us and from them children are born, but not of their kind, but of ours.”

“Let the human seed decompose on its own in a sealed gourd vessel through the highest decomposition of the venter equinus for forty days, or until it begins to live, move, or move in any other way that is easily noticeable. What happens will be to some extent like a person, but at the same time it will be transparent and devoid of a body. And if after that you feed it daily and feed it patiently and carefully with the elixir of human blood, and so keep it for forty weeks, warming it constantly and evenly with the heat of the venter equinus, then you will then get a real living child, all the members of which are the same as that of a child, born of a woman, only much smaller. It is called a homunculus; and it should then be brought up with the greatest diligence and diligence until it grows and begins to show intelligence.”

— Paracelsus, “A Book on Nymphus, Sylphs, Pygmies, and Salamanders, and on the Other Spirits”
Nestor Povarnin - Extraordinary Adventures
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